Market Leading

Aluminium Fixed Roof Windows

The ‘ECO’ is our premium rooflight system, supplied with an insulated upstand as standard and benefiting from market leading thermal and safety specifications .

Contemporary Styling

Unrivalled Specification

Internally the frameless design of our units creates a seamless link between your home and the outdoors. Externally the sleek contemporary low-profile frame finishes flush with the glass allowing water to easily drain away and avoid pooling.

Exceptional Energy Efficiency

Our Eco roof lights come either double or triple-glazed with a fully insulated upstand to maximise their energy efficiency.

With an incredibly low and fully certified U Value of either 0.97 W/m2K or 0.65 W/m2K, you can be safe in the knowledge that our eco range of roof lights will save you money on your energy bills while flooding your home with natural light.

Double Glazed

Double Glazed
Max Size4m2
‘U’ Value0.97W/m2k
Laminate Glass
Vented Option
Standard Sizes
Stock Sizes

Triple Glazed

Triple Glazed
Max Size4m2
‘U’ Value0.65W/m2k
Laminate Glass
Vented Option
Standard Sizes
Stock Sizes

Upstands Provide the Perfect Fit

All our ECO rooflights are supplied complete with an insulated upstand. Constructed in high-quality timber that comes pre-insulated as standard, all our upstands are engineered directly in house, meaning you’re guaranteed a perfect fit.

Bringing Safety to the Fore

Not only do you want your roof light to look good and add more light to your home, you also want to know that it is safe. For added peace of mind, our ECO roof lights feature either a double or triple-glazed unit with an outer 8mm toughened outer pane and an upgraded 8.8mm laminated inner pane as standard.

The addition of laminated glass combined with toughened glass in our ECO units is far more effective as the unit holds together rather than shattering into small pieces when broken.

Stock Sizes with Fast Free Delivery

We offer a range of stock rooflights with delivery in 3 – 5 days plus cost savings compared to bespoke orders.

Structural SizesWith UpstandDrawings
800mm x 800mm£891 ex VAT
1000mm x 1000mm£1035 ex VAT
1000mm x 1500mm£1225 ex VAT
Structural SizesWith UpstandDrawings
1000mm x 2000mm£1415 ex VAT
600mm x 2400mm£1299 ex VAT
Bespoke Size(s)£POA ex VAT

Upstands Provide the Perfect Fit

An upstand (or kerb) is required by Building Regulations, and its job is to make sure your the rooflight sits proud of the roof and does not end up submerged in heavy rain or snow. Current regulations dictate that the glass element of the roof light is installed at a minimum of 150mm above your roof covering.

All our fixed rooflights are supplied with a pre-made insulated upstand, ensuring you satisfy building regs while making the installation of your new rooflight quick and simple .

No Assembly Required

No Silicone Required

Always a Perfect Fit

Fully Tested

Guaranteed Water & Air Permeability


High Specification Lid Only Rooflights - For use on a builders kerb.

From £291.00


High Specification Flat Rooflight + Insulated Timber Upstands.

From £849.00


An Endless run of Rooflights, either Fixed or with Opening units.

From £1849.00

Internal and External high specification Walk-On Glass rooflights

 From £749.00

Cutting edge design with an integrated motor for a seamless finish. 

From £1649.00