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Flex Rooflights

Market leading glass specification including Laminate glass as standard. suitable for both residential and commercial properties.

Structural Opening SizesPriceDrawings
500mm x 500mm£368 ex VAT
600mm x 600mm£429 ex VAT
600mm x 900mm£532 ex VAT
600mm x 1200mm£724 ex VAT
600mm x 2400mm£1085 ex VAT
700mm x 700mm£569 ex VAT
700mm x 1000mm £681 ex VAT
800mm x 800mm£579 ex VAT
900mm x 900mm£676 ex VAT
900mm x 1200mm £799 ex VAT
1000mm x 1000mm£759 ex VAT
1000mm x 1500mm£993 ex VAT
1000mm x 2000mm£1134 ex VAT
1000mm x 3000mm£2163 ex VAT
1200mm x 1200mm£1022 ex VAT
1400mm x 1400mm£1309 ex VAT
1500mm x 3000mm£2816 ex VAT
2000mm x 2000mm£2590 ex VAT

Techniical Rooflights

Our Trade Rooflight boasting exceptional thermal efficiency with contemporary design..

External Kerb SizesPriceDrawings
750mm x 1050mm£493 ex VAT
750mm x 1350mm£678 ex VAT
900mm x 1200mm£577 ex VAT
1000mm x 1000mm£552 ex VAT
1000mm x 1500mm£807 ex VAT
1000mm x 2000mm£949 ex VAT
1000mm x 3000mm £1731 ex VAT

Insulated Upstands

Our standard sized rooflights are available complete with an optional insulated upstand. Manufactured using high-quality pre-insulated timber, all our upstands are engineered directly in house, meaning you’re guaranteed a perfect fit.

Simple installation
Eliminate cold bridging
Low U Values

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We offer a range of standard sized fixed roof lights with cost savings compared to bespoke orders.


Bespoke Sized Rooflights

Do you require bespoke sizes, wall abutment or prehaps an improved U Value?. Visit our main site for more options.