Aluminium Fixed Lid Only Rooflights

Are you considering rooflights for your new build or extension? We have a wide range of products designed for flat and low-pitched roofs with both stock and bespoke options available.

17 Rooflight Sizes in Stock

We carry a wide range of stock sizes with FREE Nationwide Delivery in just  2 – 5 days from order. Our Fixed Rooflights boasts exceptional thermal performance, contemporary design and security glass as standard.

Meet the Newest Addition to the Family

Our lid only rooflight was designed for installation onto a builder’s upstand / kerb. It boasts the same great looks you would expect from any EOS product and a glass specification that sets us apart from the competition.

Because Safety Matters

We take your family’s safety as seriously as you do. That’s why we’ve upgraded the inner pane in our EOS Lite system to an 8.8mm Laminate as standard. Unlike toughened, laminated glass is designed to stay together if broken rather than shattering into small shards; meaning there is no risk of the glass falling into the room below.

Keeping You Warm

Are you worried about heat loss and rising energy bills? Our lid only rooflight system is designed to offer the best in thermal efficiency, with extremely low U-Values, helping to reduced energy consumption and considerable savings in heating bills.

Do you require a lower U Value? If so, have you considered a triple glazed upgrade? Our Fixed lids can be supplied with either double or triple glazed units.

Are you Building your Own Upstands?

Our ‘lid only’ rooflight is supplied ready to be installed onto a builders upstand, however if you are interested in a ‘complete system’ (glass lid plus insulated kerb) then you may want to consider our ECO Rooflight.

Stock Sizes with Fast Free Delivery

We offer a range of stock rooflights with delivery in 3 – 5 days plus cost savings compared to bespoke orders.

Structural SizesLid OnlyDrawings
500mm x 500mm£291 ex VAT
600mm x 600mm£339 ex VAT
700mm x 700mm£451 ex VAT
800mm x 800mm£457 ex VAT
900mm x 900mm£534 ex VAT
1000mm x 1000mm£599 ex VAT
1200mm x 1200mm£809 ex VAT
1400mm x 1400mm£1034 ex VAT
Structural SizesLid OnlyDrawings
600mm x 900mm£421 ex VAT
600mm x 1200mm£572 ex VAT
600mm x 2400mm£857 ex VAT
700mm x 1000mm £538 ex VAT
900mm x 1200mm £632 ex VAT
1000mm x 1500mm£785 ex VAT
1000mm x 2000mm£896 ex VAT
Bespoke Size(s)£POA ex VAT

High Specification Lid Only Rooflights - For use on a builders kerb.

From £291.00


High Specification Flat Rooflight + Insulated Timber Upstands.

From £849.00


An Endless run of Rooflights, either Fixed or with Opening units.

From £1849.00

Internal and External high specification Walk-On Glass rooflights

 From £749.00

Cutting edge design with an integrated motor for a seamless finish. 

From £1649.00