Introducing the

EOS Lite Flat Glass Range

High standards with streamlined simplicity

High Specification

Strip Backed Design

Our Lite range is an excellent option for those looking for a great product with equally great standards that will also help keep to a budget.

After listening to our customers and using our years of experience, we’ve carefully pared back select characteristics from our premium rooflights to offer a cost-effective solution without taking away beautiful design, thermal efficiency and safety.

The Lite Flat Glass Range

Our Lite range is designed for projects where the upstand (also known as builders kerb) will be built by you or your building contractor.

Good to Know  Safety and thermal efficiency

For added peace of mind, our Lite system includes an inner 8.8mm laminated inner pane as standard

The addition of laminated glass combined with toughened glass in our skylights is far more effective as the unit holds together rather than shattering into small pieces when broken.

The thermal efficiency rating for our Lite range meets all current building regulations  with a system U Value of 1.4 W/m2K double glazed and 1.1W/m2K for triple and easily stands up to the standards of other rooflights you’ll find in the market, but if you’re looking for a product the very best in thermal efficiency, take a look at our ECO Range

What are the differences to EOS’ more premium rooflights?

Changes include the removal of the black banding within the glass units, using a thinner aluminium profile and crimping rather than welding the frame. This system is also not quite as thermally effeceint, with a U value of 1.4 W/m2K compared to either 0.97 or 0.65 W/m2K on our ECO System.

Take your pick from a choice of products within the Lite range

We offer a wide range of product options including Fixed, Electric Opener, Manual Openers, Walk-On and Modular (combining a limitless number of Fixed elements), with either double or triple glazed units

Fixed Rooflight

Our Fixed Flat Glass rooflights are a sleek, versatile and cost-effective solution for both residential and commercial properties. Each rooflight is available with either double or triple glazing and in sizes up to 1850mm x 1850mm or 3600mm in length

Wall Abutment

The ideal solution where a roolfight needs to be installed snug against a wall. The welded abutment details can be added to up to three sides and feature on a number of products within the Lite range, including Fixed, Modular and Walk-On.

Modular Rooflight

With the ability to combine a limitless number of fixed rooflights together, our Modular rooflights are a perfect solution where a large rooflight is required but space for lifting is limited. Utilising glass-to-glass joints and supported by aluminium fin spans of up to 3000mm can be accommodated with no limit to the overall length of the rooflight.

Walk On

If you require either internal or external Walk-On rooflights then we have you covered. For more information click here

Stock Sizes with Fast Free Delivery

We offer a range of stock rooflights with delivery in 3 – 5 days plus cost savings compared to bespoke orders.

Structural SizesLid OnlyDrawings
600mm x 600mm£495 ex VAT
850mm x 850mm£596 ex VAT
1050mm x 1050mm£700 ex VAT
1350mm x 1350mm£934 ex VAT
Structural SizesLid OnlyDrawings
750mm x 1050mm£623 ex VAT
850mm x 1350mm£717ex VAT
850mm x 1650mm£782 ex VAT
850mm x 1850mm£824 ex VAT
850mm x 2350mm£1010 ex VAT 
850mm x 2850mm£1119 ex VAT
1050mm x 1850mm£971 ex VAT

Upstands Provide the Perfect Fit

An upstand (or kerb) is required by Building Regulations, and its job is to make sure your the rooflight sits proud of the roof and does not end up submerged in heavy rain or snow. Current regulations dictate that the glass element of the roof light is installed at a minimum of 150mm above your roof covering.

All our fixed rooflights are supplied with a pre-made insulated upstand, ensuring you satisfy building regs while making the installation of your new rooflight quick and simple .

No Assembly Required

No Silicone Required

Always a Perfect Fit

Fully Tested

Guaranteed Water & Air Permeability


High Specification Lid Only Rooflights - For use on a builders kerb.

From £291.00


High Specification Flat Rooflight + Insulated Timber Upstands.

From £849.00


An Endless run of Rooflights, either Fixed or with Opening units.

From £1849.00

Internal and External high specification Walk-On Glass rooflights

 From £749.00

Cutting edge design with an integrated motor for a seamless finish. 

From £1649.00