EOS-97 Electric Opener – 1000mm x 2000mm

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includes 97mm insulated upstand Includes 97mm Insulated Upstand

sizes taken from internal Structural size We use Internal Structural Sizes

0.97 WmK System U Value

0.97 WmK System U Value

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 Laminate Upgrade
Free 8.8mm Laminate Upgrade

Product Description

The unique design of our EOS97 electrical rooflight allows the motor to be concealed within our insulated upstand. This ensures a sleek, contemporary design and means both the Fixed and Opening rooflights look identical from above and below.

We currently offer three off-the-shelf sizes but can manufacture to almost any size. Lead times are 4 weeks for standard sizes and 5-6 weeks for all made-to-measure orders.

  • Designed for roofs between 0-15 Degrees
  • External frame colour - RAL 7016 (Matt)
  • Support - Includes flat or sloped insulated upstand with concealed motor
  • Smart - Supplied with a smart switch allowing operation from anywhere via your smartphone. Includes options for voice activation and automation based on changes in weather, humidity, temperature.
  • Strength - 6mm Heat Soak Tested Toughened outer pane
  • Safety – 8.8mm laminate Inner pane as standard
  • More Light – Quoted sizes are Internal Structural Openings

Insulated Upstand

Each of our Eco-Friendly EOS97 opening roof lights are supplied with their own insulated 97mm timber upstand (with 5 degree slope), including concelaed motors.

Important Documents

How do the Sizes Work?

At EOS, we take our measurements from the internal structural opening size (hole in the roof). The actual rooflight will be 248mm larger.

Smart as Standard

Our opening rooflights include top-of-the range 'Window Master' motors, transformers and smart switch as standard. Automate your skylight to respond to changing weather, humidity levels, and outside temperatures, set your skylight to automatically close whenever you leave the house and is compatible with most smart devices including Alexa, Siri and Google Homes.


Your safety is paramount to us at EOS, and this commitment to safety drives our entire product range. The glass within our opening roof lights includes an 6mm toughened outer pane and a free upgrade to 8.8mm laminate inner unit.

Glass Specification

Our electrically opening roof lights are supplied with double glazed super low ’e’ coated units with argon filled cavities.

Our standard glass specification is:

  • 34.8mm double glazed unit.
  • 6mm toughened outer pane,
  • 20mm argon filled cavity
  • 8.8mm clear laminated super Low E inner pane.