Walk On Roof Lights

Are you looking for Walk-On rooflights in a hurry? Did you know we stock 9 Residential Walk-On Rooflights with FREE Delivery in just 2-4 weeks from order.

Standard Sized Walk On Rooflights

Add daylight to your basement or a stunning feature to your home with our made to measure Walkon glass rooflights.

Strong, Energy Efficient and Fully Tested

Naturally our Walk On Rooflights need to be strong and hard wearing. That’s why here at EOS, our Walk On glass panes have market leading 50mm double glazed units, with a 33mm toughened and heat strengthened laminate outer pane, a 16mm cavity and with an 6mm toughened inner pane as standard. This ensures your roof light is robust, secure and perfectly safe to be walked on.

Energy Efficiency At its Core

Energy and thermal efficiency in all of our products is incredibly important. The U Value for our Walk On units, is significantly lower than current building regulations. As you would expect this specification is fully certified by external sources – many of our competitors could not say the same.

Have you Considered Anti-Slip?

Applying an antislip glass surface finish to walk-on glass rooflights should be considered when the rooflight is used for regular access. We have a number of designs and patterns to choose from, please ask for more details.

Upstands make the perfect fit

Our standard sized walk on rooflights are available complete with an optional insulated upstand. Manufactured using high-quality pre-insulated timber, all our upstands are engineered directly in house, meaning you’re guaranteed a perfect fit.

Simple installation
Eliminate cold bridging
Low U Values

Standard Sizes with Fast Free Delivery

We offer a range of standard Residential Walk-On Rooflights with delivery in 2 – 4 weeks plus cost savings compared to bespoke orders.

External KerbPriceDrawings
600mm 1 600mm£851 ex VAT
800mm x 800mm£1059 ex VAT
1000mm x 1000mm£1323 ex VAT
1200mm x 1200mm£1646 ex VAT
1500mm x 1500mm£2234 ex VAT
External KerbPriceDrawings
600mm x 1200mm£1120 ex VAT
600mm x 2400mm£1656 ex VAT
1000mm x 1500mm£1690 ex VAT
1000mm x 2000mm £2056 ex VAT
1000mm x 2500mm £2423 ex VAT

Buy Walk-On Rooflights

We offer a range of standard sized Walk-On Rooflights with cost savings compared to bespoke orders.


Bespoke Walk-On Rooflights

Can’t find the size your looking for? Visit our main website for bespoke sizes and commercial specifications.