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Browse a wide range of beautifully crafted rooflights, all featuring laminate panes as standard for safety as well as a sleek finish – and many ready for delivery in days.

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2-3 Day Delivery – 37 Sizes

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Eco Flat Glass Rooflight

Insulated upstand included

Flex Fixed Glass Rooflight

Exceptional safety features

Opening Rooflights

Flex and Eco Opening Rooflights

Lite Aluminum Rooflights

Competitively priced

Beautifully crafted rooflights for beautiful living spaces

Whether you’re looking for inspiration for your kitchen extension, seeking reassurance in safety or searching for something with big impact, we’ve got you covered.

To start, choose whether the ECO, Lite or Flex range is for you.

ECO – Supplied with our insulated upstand and offering the very best in thermal efficiency and design, as well as ease of installation. 

Flex – A streamlined flat glass rooflight, boasting a market leading safety specification and simple sleek styling.

Lite – A great priced option (especially on larger rooflights) the stripped back design makes it one of our most popular products.

*A lid-only product means it doesn’t come with a pre-insulated upstand (or kerb) as all ECO products do. An upstand is what your rooflight sits on and you must have one – this can be made by you / your building contractor or you can choose a system that includes it as part of the product. 

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